Our Vision

To give the lost and discouraged the courage to break the generational heritage of drugs, despair and abuse by sharing Agape Love to one person at a time to help meet their immediate needs and introduce them to the hope that only God can provide.

Our Goal
To provide youth 18 to 24 years of age transitional living assistance while they pursue educational and vocational opportunities, learn independent life skills, experience the love of Christ, and develop life goals and plans.

Our Hope and Prayer
To provide for basic needs, mentor through spiritual growth and life skills lessons, that these young men will not only become productive members of society but they in turn are able to reciprocate the Agape Love demonstrated to them and share it with others.

Our Objective
To build a permanent facility to reach, heal, equip and establish new positive life patterns at a critical “life bridge”, filling the gap between where children’s shelters and juvenile correctional facilities leave off and street life begins.

Our Mission
To increase the number of young men that we serve and to offer a safe haven and calm environment for them to transition in.